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Watch the video to see the normal operation of most ATM's, you can read a full transcript of the video below.


Video Transcript.

This is the Bitcoin “ATM” (Automated Teller Machine) and I am going to show you how easy it is to buy Bitcoin, because we know Bitcoin can be the hardest thing in the world to get a hold of particularly without a bank account.


I know it does not sound like it is, but try it go try and buy a thousand dollars’ worth of Bitcoin, or, try and buy a hundred Dollars.


Anyway, this is the solution to the number one problem in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency and that is getting cryptocurrency into your account.


Let me show you how easy it is. Tap the screen and you put your phone number in, it sends you a text on your phone. Right let us open up my phone, it gives me a code 171 709.

Press confirm, great I want to buy a Bitcoin. Spot price is current it's the actual price! yes buy Bitcoin. Now I want to put it on any wallet that i have, so all I have to do is pick a QR code to give it to, so I am going to put this one in cash app. Cash app gives me a QR code, so scan the QR code, hold it up and boom!


Now I am going to accept the terms, confirm the address, (don't show this on camera) there's the address, is it the right address? Yes, all right put my money in, hundred dollars.

Slide it on in now focus the camera on this part, my daily transaction amount is Five Thousand Dollars I just put a hundred in, so i have a balance today of $4,900 left today in cash! So once again $5,000 a day in cash, think about it, it is amazing! Done.


Ok, print receipt on my phone, I just got confirmation from the provider with the hash, the exact transaction that happened, plus got a receipt.


Any problems any questions I call the 1-800 number on here, 24-hours a day customer service, any problem any place. Now the best part about it is I get confirmation the moment that Bitcoin is purchased and sent to my wallet. So, this is the solution, this is the answer, the quickest way to be able to get crypto is through Bitcoin ATM machines.


If you are interested in owning or renting a Cryptocurrency ATM contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.