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We are not anti government or anti financial system, but we are very much pro new technology and ultra-efficiency.


A big question in our minds is: how many countries are realistically bankrupt and indeed is the world financially bankrupt. After the last financial crash around 2009 the Storey sold to the public is that the system was fixed and we can all carry on, but the people in the know and in the financial industry fully understand that the same financial techniques and tools, that were being used before the crash, are being employed in all of the financial markets around the world just with different names.


Any resistance to cryptocurrencies only exists because the system is relatively new, paying with crypto currencies and establishing wealth is very little different to using Internet banking, except that the cryptocurrency systems are more efficient and cost the end user less.


We have seen in just a few decades a complete transformation in the way that the world works with the advent of the Internet, worldwide web, email and social media. The world has become much better connected and communicates a great deal more efficiently, crypto currencies are a logical addition to this digitisation, or what is being called the 4th industrial revolution.


Here at CRYPTO SUCCESS our aim is to help people understand more about what Bitcoin is, what the various cryptocurrencies are created for and the basics of how blockchain technology works in a secure and open fashion.


Crypto currencies and the blockchains they use to control and secure the transactions are here to stay, just as the Internet and the worldwide web. What is unclear at this time is how the traditional financial systems will combine and cooperate with the new digital innovations. It is also going to be interesting to see the effects of the parts of the world where people are considered as unbanked, they have not been able to get a bank account, start to be liberated financially and able to join in the economic activities that the rest of the world has enjoyed for many years.


If the global average income rises this has been shown in science to have beneficial effects on things such as climate and population. With digitisation it is possible to start illuminating old polluting activities and replace them with more efficient techniques, in addition it has been shown scientifically but as the average household incomes rises there is a reduction in the number of children produced as the health and wellbeing of young people is more certain.